Book Day!!!


Well, today is book day!! Rookie Killer was released today and I couldn’t be more excited. It will be available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Black Rose Writing. E-Book will be available approximately the first week of March.

Buy it! Read it! Love it!

If you like the book, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble.

Happy Reading!!!!!!


“”Fly, Eagles, Fly”



WE DID IT! What a great game and what teriffic ending. I’m happy the Eagles won their first Superbowl. They played hard and worked well together. They deserve everything they received.

Tomorrow we are attempting to make it to the parade. I have my video camera ready! It’s going to be exciting. Am I crazy to fight that crowd?! Maybe so. But it will be fun to see our champs, hopefully close enough so they don’t look like little ants on the video screen. Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how we did. 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

New Year – New You!!!


109856243.thm.jpgHappy New Year everyone!! 

This is your year to shine! It’s time to accomplish your goals! You can do it!! Don’t give up!!! Go! Go! Go!

Make a small list of 5 things you wish to accomplish in this 2018, within reason of course. Now prioritize them. Work on one thing at a time. Research your goal for details on what you can do to attain your goal. Pick a time of day to work on your goal. When you’ve made it, check it off and make a smiley face next to it.

Congratulations!   1 down and 4 more to go!!!



Funny Christmas Story


21706842.thm.jpgMy husband and I get a real tree for Christmas. One year it came time to take the tree down and my husband was in the process of removing the lights and was about to take the tree outside when he called me into the room.

He told me to look underneath the tree, but I didn’t see anything. “Look closer,” he said. I did and much to my surprise what do you think I saw? Thousands of tiny praying mantises crawling around all over the place.

Apparently, there had been a nest in the tree and due to the warmth of the house throughout the Christmas season, the mantises hatched.

My husband tried hard to pick them up and let them loose outside but there were so many. Luckily they stayed where in the same area and with the exception of 2 or 3 mantises they didn’t scatter throughout the house. He got most of them outside and a few of them died. But wow, haha. That was funny.   🙂



Judi Says……


Why do people like murder stories? Am I the only one who gets engrossed in the real life stories on Dateline, 48 Hours, and let’s face it, just the entire ID Channel! I watch them all the time. I get taken in by the investigation, feel compassion for the families, and wonder about the killers’ mind. What are they thinking? Do they really think they will get away with it? Yes, they do. Do you find yourself talking to the TV? Why are we so fascinated?  Let me know your thoughts.