I Got Recognized!


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Hi Guys!

The greatest thing happened to me last week. I am a merchandiser for a greeting card company and I was in the store I usually work in talking to a manager. My last name came up in conversation and she turned to me and asked, “Are you the writer?”

I have a car magnet on both sides of my jeep with my name on it and she noticed it the day prior. This was unexpected to me but at the same time, I was elated inside.

I said yes, and she was so happy because she was telling her friend about me, who is an aspiring writer as well. She saw my jeep and magnet in the parking lot the prior day when I worked the store but didn’t realize I was the writer.

She got in touch with her friend the writer, we talked and I gave him some advice on some of the things I had been doing to start my writing career. We are all friends now.

It feels so good to be able to help someone out, not to mention being recognized for my car magnet!

It’s not the first time my car magnet was put to work. Two other people approached me because they had seen me in my jeep the previous day and saw me in the diner and the other saw me in the parking lot!

Thanks Yvonne and Marc!

Marc Alexander Valle-www.mavthewriter.com

This could get to be a lot of fun!  🙂

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